god i miss your perfect cock. the last time i saw you you fucked me so hard and so well. i came hard in your mouth, on your hands and on your cock. every single inch of my skin feels your touch.

i touch my sopping wet pussy thinking of you. i cum thinking of you. i imagine you and i and others, falling into each other. all of you fucking me. all of you making me cum harder, making me sweat, making me moan and scratch and bite.

i want the three of you. now. i want you in my mouth, ass and wet cunt. now.

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i’m writing for you my filthy friend. good smut takes time… give me a moment longer?

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You slide the blade back into the handle and toss it on the floor. You stand up and wash the paint off your hands. Sweat gleams on your forehead, the slightly greying hair on your temples shines in the sunshine. I’ve spent the morning watching you, your taut arms working to their limit, resisting the desire to slide my hand into my sopping cunt. You told me this morning I wasn’t allowed to cum while you worked and I always listen to you… Well, not always but I know that my reward for listening to you today will be worth it.

“finished!” you announce proudly, your massive erection pointing the way to my prize.

I squeal with excitement and run over. “it’s perfect” my compliments and pussy are both gushing. “Can I try it?”

He grabs me by the hand and lifts me onto the new table. I spread my arms and legs across it and my wrists and ankles fit perfectly into the hard restraints welded to the table.

“Perfect” he sighs as he straps me in.

The future looks painful and I couldn’t be happier!

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Often as I try to sleep I think to myself, “why aren’t you here, fucking me right now? Why aren’t your perfect strong hands violating every inch of my hungry skin? Why isn’t your perfect cock fucking my throat, and my tight wet pussy? Why isn’t your hand over my mouth or clutching my throat, stifling the first of many orgasms? Why aren’t you coming in my mouth and on face? Why aren’t I tasting your perfect, delicious cum? Why?”

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i miss your hands.

i made myself cum in a very public location today. my pussy was throbbing and in need of a deep touch. i couldn’t resist.

i imagined your hands finding every fold of my perfect wet cunt and i moaned for you.

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i want this now please.

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at some point we will have to say goodbye. maybe not forever but for a time. i will miss you.

when you walk into the room i’ll be there. on the table behind me will be:




butt plug

bondage tape

strap on

blind fold

ball gag


clothes pins

a chair

am i missing anything?

how you choose to use these things will be your choice.

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